For those who drive an electric car around a lot, but are troubled by the lack of charging facilities, Mercedes-Benz has a new solution – the Flexible Charging System.

The charging device essentially allows the car to be charged anywhere as it’s equipped with adaptors for household and industrial sockets as well as public charging facilities. Depending on which adaptor is used, the charging system can adjust the charging power accordingly.

The system features an integrated Type 2 connector that allows the vehicle to be charged at up to 22 kW from any AC source.

With a huge wave of electric cars soon to hit our shores, it’s only normal to wonder if the cables and adaptors are compatible with all models, and future ones.

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To that, Mercedes-Benz said that the device is compatible with all current and future electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles from Mercedes-Benz AG.

Currently, Mercedes-Benz already have the EQA, EQB, EQC and the most recent EQS range of electric vehicles in their line-up.

The company said more than 20 variants of Mercedes-Benz vehicles will be available as plug-in hybrids by the end of the year – from the A-Class to the GLE, from saloon to estate, whether with petrol or diesel engines.

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As for safety measures, the charging device with five-metre cables comes with circuit breakers and integrated temperature sensors to protect against overheating.

It’s tough against adverse conditions too; capable of withstanding up to 1.1 tonnes of weight if it is driven over, can operate between temperatures of -30 to +50 °C, and be temporarily submerged!

The Flexible Charging System starts from 1225 Euros (approx. RM6,136).