If you’re afraid of heights, best look away right now. In celebrating the adventurous spirit of the Ford Explorer plug-in hybrid, Ford has parked its SUV atop the tallest free-standing climbing tower in the world.

The SUV was placed atop the climbing tower – 47 metres off the ground – situated in southern Norway. The climbing tower took six months to plan and build after detailed scrutiny by engineers and architects; to ensure that the tower can withstand the additional weight.

Ford said the tower, made of solid wood and aluminium, was so tall that you can see neighbours Denmark at the top.

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Once completed, Ford invited Norway’s climbers to scale the tower, where the fastest climber would walk away with a free 2-year lease for the Explorer plug-in hybrid. Don’t they deserve to keep the car, Ford?

14 climbers competed in the challenge, with a 21-year old climber taking just 3 minutes 33 seconds to scale the tower.

The Ford Explorer plug-in hybrid combines an EcoBoost petrol engine and an electric motor to produce 457 hp and 825 Nm, resulting in a six-second 0 to 100 km/h run.

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