Is this the Aston Martin Valkyrie Roadster? To be unveiled at Pebble Beach next week!

The Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach, arguably the most prestigious concours event in the world where the ultra-rich show off their ultra-expensive cars, will officially get underway starting next week. And as a teaser of the events planned during the 2021 Monterey Car Week, Aston Martin has now announced that it will be launching an all-new car, and… yeah that’s pretty much it.

Here’s exactly what they said, from the press release: “a global reveal of an exciting new product which extends the brand’s performance credentials a step further.” No other information was revealed, though they’ve attached a photo alongside the press release, with a darkened car that looks a lot like an Aston Martin Valkyrie – just one without a roof. Is this the Valkyrie Roadster?

How do we know, you ask? Well, looking at the photo closely-er, you’ll see that the headrests (or the rollover protection seat backs) just slightly protrude past the windscreen frame of the car. But there’s an even bigger tell, and that’s the doors.

The original Aston Martin Valkyrie that was unveiled back in 2017 came with the awesome-looking gullwing doors, but the one in the photo has scissor-style doors. There’s no way to mount the gullwing doors if there’s no roof!

Riding shotgun in an Aston Martin Valkyrie looks terrifyingly awesome. Check out the video here!

Not much else was said about the new car, though we don’t expect it to differ wildly to the original, roofed Aston Martin Valkyrie. Powering the F1-inspired Valkyrie is a Cosworth-sourced 6.5-litre V12 hybrid, with 1,014 hp and 740 Nm on tap.

Aston Martin says the Valkyrie does 0-100 km/h in about 2.5 seconds – we can only imagine how visceral that must feel with no roof, especially with the engine screaming all the way up to 11,000 rpm!

Read about the Valkyrie’s F1-inspired engine in more detail here!

Aside from the yet-unnamed roof-less Valkyrie, Aston Martin will also be debuting its younger brother, the Valhalla, for the American continent. All things considered, Pebble Beach probably isn’t a bad place to unveil these multi-million dollar cars, especially when you have a custom-built 11,300 sq. ft. luxury Club House specifically for that purpose.


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