Lamborghini’s coolest vehicle is not a car, but this 4,000 hp super-yacht

There, we said it. It’s not that Lamborghinis aren’t cool, because they are, and we’d do anything to be able have one parked in our driveway. But when you bring up something as cool as the ‘Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63’ yacht, everything else just seems tame in comparison. Sorry, not sorry.

As the name suggests, the motorised yacht is built by Tecnomar, a brand under the Italian Sea Group flag. Lamborghini, meanwhile, provided their design expertise, taking inspiration from the Sian FKP 37 hybrid hypercar – and boy, does it look mega.

Just like the car, the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 is filled with sharp edges all round its entire hull, and the bow lights are also unmistakably Lamborghini – a design first seen on the Terzo Millenio concept.

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The super-yacht also features what it calls a “supersport silhouette”, and is covered by a hard top inspired by Lamborghini’s roadsters which “guarantees not only protection from the sun and wind, but also surprising aerodynamic performance.”

And of course, with Lamborghini in its name, it has to be built with carbon fibre – which actually puts it in the “ultralight yacht” category, weighing in at under 24 tonnes!

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The Lamborghini touches extend past just its exterior, too. On the deck, you get a fully supercar-inspired cockpit, replete with Lamborghini style seats, a car-like steering wheel, and a massive dual-screen instrument cluster wrapped in carbon fibre. There’s even an aviation-inspired covered start button that looks just like the ones in Lamborghini’s cars!

Moving further inside the cabin, and you’ll find a bedroom upholstered in the usual Lamborghini materials (i.e. suede, microfibre, and pleated leather), another smaller bedroom with two single beds, as well as a sinister-looking toilet finished in matte black that’ll make even the hardest James Bond supervillain blush.

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Taking the Lamborghini connection even further is the V12 powertrain at the back – or more specifically, two V12 engines that generate a combined output of 4,000 hp, which enables the yacht to hit a top speed of 60 knots (111 km/h).

Just like any other Lamborghini supercar, the yacht can also be fully customised with the carmaker’s Ad Personam programme. This particular unit here – number one of 63 – has just been delivered to a customer in Europe, and is even finished in the same olive green colour as the Sian FKP 37 poster car. Now, that’s class.



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