TNB to help DHL install more charging stations for electric vehicles

Tenaga National Berhad (TNB) said it is ready to further support the country’s drive towards carbon neutrality. According to them, the transportation industry accounted for 21% of the country’s total CO2 emissions in 2016.

“We are very serious on the EV front,” said Datuk Fazlur Rahman Zainuddin, TNB’s chief strategy and ventures officer during an Energy Sector Roundtable Engagement meeting. TNB has already installed 73 charging stations at 31 locations last year in partnership with Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre and ChargEV.

TNB also iterated it is ready to work with any private-sector party that wants to transition to electric mobility, in line with the government’s low-carbon agenda. The company revealed it has signed an agreement with international logistics company DHL Express recently to install charging stations along the latter’s key service route.

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The move is the first step in preparation for our local DHL to switch to electric vehicles in the near future.

Example of a Nissan Electric NV200 being used by DHL in Europe

The government is expected to announce a national policy on electric vehicles this month with key highlights being tax reductions that could translate to 50% reduction in prices of electric vehicles.

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Apart from the vehicle itself, the new EV-focused policy will also make it more attractive to switch to EV via lower annual road tax, green parking scheme, installation of charging facility as well as toll rebates.

Currently, ChargEV is Malaysia’s largest public charging network with over 300 public charging facilities across the country. Interested owners are charged a subscription fee of RM240/year to have access to the charging points, with the electricity itself free.  



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