BMW’s new gaming chair is just what you need during this lockdown

If there’s one thing those of us who have been working from home have in common, is that we’re sitting way too much. Whether it’s for work, leisure browsing, streaming, or gaming, we’ve been on our butts far more than we should the past two years. Thanks, Covid-19.

The one thing we all need then is a chair and table combo with proper ergonomics and support. If only that was considered for every household in the government aid schemes.

In collaboration with Designworks, a design studio for the BMW Group, BMW has come up with this – the Rival Rig.

The rig features a gaming chair that was developed in close collaboration with gamers and BMW engineers; not just for the best ergonomics and comfort but also to allow gamers to fully immerse themselves.

The gaming rig is clever too. Take the Microclimate Control System for example. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, if it detects that the gamer’s neck or ears are heating up, it will direct cool air specifically to that area.

The Adaptive Seating feature on the BMW gaming chair is also worth mentioning. If it detects pressure on the armrests, the seat will lower its armrests automatically using sensors, pneumatic air pads, and actuators.

The design of the Rival Rig was influenced by spaceships and Formula 1 cars to promote a sense of focus for the user; allowing them to fully concentrate on the task at hand.

With LED lighting everywhere, the gaming rig can also mirror what’s happening in a game through lighting effects – from calm lighting to brightly lit depending on the game.



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