This Lamborghini Aventador SVJ was originally a Honda Civic FD!

The art of replicating supercars isn’t new. Find a suitable and reliable platform then spend hours painstaking molding the exterior until it bears a resemblance with the real thing.

That seems to be the case with Dream Custom India‘s replica Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Yeap, it’s not just a “standard” replica Aventador, it’s the SVJ we’re talking about and it’s based on the 8th generation Honda Civic FD!

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And judging from the pictures, they’ve faked it till they made it – as the saying goes. The headlamps may look like the Asian version of the original Aventador and the spoiler design more simplistic but the rest has been copied to almost exact specification.

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Take the front bumper for example, every line every swoop can be traced back exactly to the original Aventador SVJ. The same goes to the rear bumper, the centre-exit tailpipes, and even the taillights which beggar the question – how?

That speedometer and steering wheel design is unmistakably Honda Civic.

As this is supposed to be the SVJ version, they’ve even added the vents on the front bumper, and replicated the same engine cover design as the original car.

Other than that, the suspension was tweaked slightly, with the whole project taking just under a month to complete. Check out their other project – a Ford Mustang converted from a Hyundai Accent!

Inside is where the Aventador replica reveals its Honda Civic self; through the slightly modified steering and the unmistakable speedometer design.

Source: Dream Customs India


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