Toyota has set a new world record with its second-generation Mirai, a fuel cell-powered vehicle, after clocking 1003 km on a single fill.

The 1003 zero-emission kilometres were driven on public roads, south Paris, central and western France areas. The distance and consumption were certified by an independent authority at the finish line.

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Green hydrogen was used during the record attempt and the average fuel consumption was 0.55 kg/100km, with the Mirai capable of storing 5.6 kg of hydrogen.

Riding on a new rear-wheel drive platform, the new body structure allows the Mirai to have larger hydrogen tanks. The second-generation Mirai is expected to offer up to 30% increase in driving range; from 500 km previously to about 650 km.

In setting a new record, the drivers adopted an “eco-driving style” but no special techniques, that could not be used by everyday drivers, were attempted.

The Eiffel Tower illuminated for the first time using hydrogen power.

The four drivers in the record-setting run included the founder of Energy Observer, PR Manager of Toyota France, Mirai Product Manager, and an engineer from Toyota Europe. Energy Observer, a partner of Toyota, is the first boat equipped with a Toyota fuel cell.

During that event, the Eifel Tower was illuminated for the first time by green hydrogen, thanks to the GEH2 hydrogen generator developed by EODe where Toyota is a shareholder.

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