This Toyota Mirai fleet has travelled to the Moon and back 6 times!

In fact, six and the half times to be exact, with a total of 5,000,000 km in just two and a half years – that’s 5,500 km a day!

But instead of seeing those figures on the odometer of a NASA Space Shuttle, it’s accumulated by 45 units of the Toyota Mirai used by German ride pooling company CleverShuttle, making them the world’s most used Toyota Mirai fleet.

The figure completely overshadows the 1.6 million kilometres clocked up in 2019, by 27 units of Toyota Mirai owned by London-based private-car hire and taxi service company Green Tomato Cars.

What’s even more incredible is that the distance was achieved without a speck of emission. As they’re fuel cell electric vehicles, where a propulsion system uses fuel cell stack that mixes hydrogen with oxygen to generate electricity to power the car, the Mirai merely emitted water vapour throughout its “journey to the Moon”.

With a tank of fuel, the Mirai can travel up to 500 km and refuelling takes less than three minutes. To put things into perspective, the fully-electric Nissan Leaf launched in Malaysia last year, is only capable of around 300 km on a full charge. On that note, Edaran Tan Chong Motor recently assured customers of the new Leaf that the car’s battery warranty covers more than just faults.

In the three years that CleverShuttle has operated this fleet, each have accumulated around 180,000 km and according to them, “suffered no technical or mechanical issues whatsoever”. The company claimed that apart from regular, scheduled maintenance, no repairs or changes of parts were required since they were put into action.

“Fuel cell electric vehicles such as the Toyota Mirai are an important to the operations of our business thanks to their reliability. They have allowed us to provide countless passengers with comfortable rides, emitting nothing but water vapour,” said CleverShuttle co-founder Jan Hofmann.


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