Single-use surgical face masks have caused a pandemic within a pandemic, as most end up as litter, or worse, as nano plastics in oceans.

Volvo Car Malaysia, Three Little Ahmads, and NanoTextile have launched a collection of batik reusable face masks. They’re not only sustainable but also keep local communities at work in these difficult times.

Tastefully designed by Three Little Ahmads, a Malaysian children’s clothing brand and social enterprise, the masks are produced by single mothers, women in rural neighbourshoods and GIATMara vocational alumnus, who lost jobs due to retail factory closures during last year’s MCO.

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These 100% cotton face masks are handmade, using the traditional “Batik Tekap” method. They come in a set of three, in different colours and designs – Dark Blue (Sunflower), Navy Blue (Stargazer Lily), and Sky Blue (Jasmine). Sizes range from medium to large. Priced at RM99 per set, they’re available at Volvo dealerships nationwide.

They’re anti-bacterial and water repellent with viral protection up to 100 gentle washes. The materials are provided by NanoTextile, which utilises nanotechnology to reduce the penetration of contaminated droplets and prevent fabric infection.

You can now leave your old electronics for recycling at any Volvo dealership nationwide! Click here to find out more!

These masks provide PM2.5 filtration and is tested to effectively filter out 90% of viral particles.

For every mask sold, an individual from the communities mentioned above will be compensated. So far, it’s said that the income generated from the production of these face masks have provided these women with a stable income.

All Volvo employees to get 24 weeks paid parental leave! Read about it here!

Volvo Car Malaysia, Marketing and PR Director, Akhtar Sulaiman said, “This collaboration truly falls in line with Volvo’s core philosophy of ‘Omtanke’, which is a Swedish word and Volvo’s brand ethos that means ‘to care’ and ‘to be considerate’. We are honoured to lend a helping hand to our local communities and sustain their livelihoods, especially during these economically challenging and vulnerable times.”

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