New BMW M3 shows power is not everything in a drag race!

When BMW introduced the all-new M3 / M4 earlier, many fans of the brand raised eyebrows on two technical information about the car- the huge weight gain and the use of the traditional automatic transmission.

The new generation of BMW M cars are no longer lightweight, with the new generation G80 BMW M3 gaining more than 160 kg over the outgoing model. The conventional automatic transmission, while it is one of the best in the business, sounded like a step-backwards when a dual-clutch transmission offered faster and more aggressive gear shifts.

Time to put these claims to the test then, as Carwow not only compared the new G80 BMW M3 with 510 hp / 650 Nm against an old BMW M3, but one that is heavily modified to the tune of 700 hp / 950 Nm!

The previous-generation bright green BMW M3 is also lighter, reported to be under 1,600 kg. Let’s take a look at the battle of stock versus fully done-up!  

The driver of the more powerful BMW M3 actually admitted the new BMW M3 with 8-speed conventional automatic transmission is much better off-the-line from stationary, unlike his car which struggled to put down 700 hp and 950 Nm from the heavily modified engine onto the tarmac.

This reminds us of the slogan from an Italian tyre company- power is nothing without control.

On the topic of BMW M Car, the company today introduced the BMW M4 Competition xDrive Convertible, with quite a shocking value registered at the weighing scales, even more than a BMW 8 Series.

Credit: Carwow


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