As part of their continuous corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) recently made a cash donation of RM35,000 to First International Soccer Academy Malaysia (FISA), and also donated laptops to Pertubuhan Kebajikan Yesuwin Mahligai
Selangor (PKYMS) and the Arthritis Foundation Malaysia (AFM).

The company says that the donation to FISA was to support the latter’s efforts towards betterment of children, particularly those coming from the B40 families, and stop teens’ involvement in social issues.

MMM CEO, Tomoyuki Shinnishi said, “We recognized FISA’s efforts in working towards the betterment of young children and to put a stop towards their involvement in social issues. In line with boosting the country’s economic growth for the underprivileged family, we hope that our contribution for the academy may continue to assist them todevelop these children’s competencies and to provide them with the opportunities to excel and lead a better life.”

Meanwhile, the laptops donated to PKYMS and AFM will be used to assist students affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as to support AFM’s administration purposes.

“We understand that many students at the welfare homes were at a limitation or left without the technology they require to continue their education. We hope that the contribution of these laptops will support the children for home based learning throughout the pandemic,” Shinnishi said.

“At Mitsubishi Motors, we aim to create a better society where people can hope for a better future. We have been making efforts to support the local activities of society and contribute towards the development of the local communities through its various needs,” he added.