Perodua Ativa scores top marks in latest ASEAN NCAP tests

The Perodua Ativa not only scored a five-star rating in the ASEAN NCAP but is also the first vehicle to be assessed under the new 2021-2025 Protocol.

The update to the new ASEAN NCAP 2021-2025 Protocol sees the organisation include an assessment for Motorcyclist Safety (MS) which carries a weightage of 20% to the final score.

Under the new Motorcyclist Safety category, features that alert the driver of the presence of motorcyclists and pedestrians are rated and contribute to the scoring. They are further categorised under Blind Spot Detection, Advanced Rear Visualisation, Headlight, Pedestrian Protection and Advanced Motorcyclist Safety Technology.

The other three categories from the previous assessment protocol remain, which are Adult Occupant Protection (40%), Child Occupant Protection (20%) and Safety Assist Technologies (20%).

ASEAN NCAP is also introducing the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) system functionality assessment in this new 2021-2025 assessment protocol. The organisation will perform the effectiveness of the AEB City and AEB Inter-Urban systems fitted to the vehicle in performing emergency braking at several speeds against another vehicle in front.

The new Perodua Ativa compact SUV, which was officially launched yesterday, received 37.48 points for the Adult Occupant Protection, 17.36 points for Child Occupant Protection, 18.57 points for Safety Assist Technologies and 10 points for the Motorcyclist Safety assessments (courtesy of the Blind Spot Monitor, Automatic High Beam and Pre-collision braking with Pedestrian detection).

Even in the entry-level Perodua Ativa X, the vehicle is fitted with Perodua’s Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) suite which includes an updated Pre-collision warning and braking with bicycle and motorcycle on top of pedestrian detection.

The Ativa AV variant’s ASA goes up a notch further with the inclusion of Adaptive cruise control (ACC) and Lane keep control (LKC), with both features working in tandem to deliver semi-autonomous driving of Level 2 standards.

This means the Ativa AV variant can autonomously drive around a curve on the highway at speeds from 60 km/h and adjust its distance to the vehicle in front accordingly, with just the driver placing his hands on the steering wheel. This is particularly useful while driving on the North-South Highway.

The turbocharged Perodua Ativa compact SUV is available in three variants, the X starting from RM61,500, the H variant from RM66,100 and the range-topping AV variant from RM71,200.    


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