Video: 5 Types of Perodua Myvi Drivers, which one are you?

Ah, the good ol’ Perodua Myvi. If you’re a foreigner and no one ever told you otherwise, you would’ve thought that it is a legal requirement to own one of these. But despite the sheer amount of Myvis on the road, we think that all Myvi drivers pretty much fall into five main categories. Don’t believe us? Watch on.

First up, it’s of course the student Myvi drivers. Anyone who shows up to college with a car is automatically labelled as the “cool kid”, so as a parent who has to tolerate their children’s incessant begging, what car do you give them? The Perodua Myvi, of course. It’s safer than riding a motorbike, yet cheap enough that you wouldn’t be too bothered when they inadvertently smash it up. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your prized BMW, would you?

Next up, there’s the salesman – not necessarily a professional salesman, but a person who lives by the motto “minimise your resources, maximise your profits”. Why would you need another car when the Perodua Myvi is already has everything you need in a car? Not to mention it saves you fuel too, win-win.

You won’t be surprised to see older folks driving around in a Myvi either. Having experienced everything while they were younger, now all they need is a financially-undemanding car to help them move around, and a larger sum of their funds to properly enjoy their retirement.

And of course, how can we forget the ones who truly do love their Myvis. Why? It’s love – you can’t explain it. They are the ones who would spend every waking minute keeping their beloved “supercar” spotless and shiny. There’s no point trying to entice them with more “desirable” continental cars either, because to them the Myvi is everything.

As for the last one, we won’t spoil it for you here. Watch the video and find out yourself! Do you know anyone who is in one of these five categories – or even better, are you yourself one of them? Let us know in the comments below, and share it to those who are one of these “classic” Myvi drivers!


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