The Nissan Family Cookbook is the most weirdly wonderful thing that Covid-19 brought us

For all the calamities that the Covid-19 pandemic brought us, there were also many wonderful gems, thanks to the communities and companies that have stepped up to make the world just a little brighter. Throughout the pandemic where people were mostly staying at home at different capacities, we’ve seen car companies create colouring books and even paper models, but the new Nissan Family Cookbook might be the most wholesome one that we’ve seen so far.

The Nissan Family Cookbook is made by Nissan’s U.S. manufacturing team, created with hopes of helping people feel connected to one another, and breaking up the pandemic-induced monotony this holiday season. It features 140 recipes – from appetizers and soups to main dishes and desserts – all curated from the team members’ personal family vaults.

“While our team is best known for assembling some of the highest-quality vehicles for consumers, they are also quite crafty in the kitchen,” said Nissan North America, Senior VP of manufacturing, supply chain, and purchasing, Steve Marsh. “The kitchen is typically the centre of holiday activity. It’s where everybody wants to be, and there’s no reason why this can’t continue, even during these unprecedented times.”

Many of these recipes carry special meaning to the team members, too. For instance, Christy Boisseau’s ‘Boss Hogg’s Tennessee Swamp Cabbage’ is a tribute to her dad, who has retired from the Smyrna Assembly Plant a few years ago – where Christy currently works at. “His recipe is well-known, and I’m happy to keep the family tradition going by sharing it with our Nissan family and neighbours.”

Bill Thompson of the Nissan Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant contributed his recipe for ‘Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast’ in the family cookbook. “I have a son with special needs that loves to help me cook. He loves bacon and chicken so much that we had to put it together,” said Thompson.

The Nissan Family Cookbook is the company’s gift to the community for this extraordinary holiday season, and it’s available to download here.


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