After announcing in May that the 2.0G Mazda CX-30 will come keyless entry and walkaway auto-lock, alongside the addition of a 2.0G High AWD variant, Mazda has now added yet another feature for the base model 2.0G variant.

They will now be equipped with a powered tailgate and of course, there’s a slight increase in price. The 2.0G variant is now priced at RM144,759, an increase of RM3,110. Previously, with the addition of the keyless entry, the CX-30 2.0G saw an increase of RM2,700.

As for the other three variants of the Mazda CX-30, the 2.0 High, 2.0 High AWD, and the 1.8 turbodiesel High variant, everything remains unchanged except their prices following the Sales Tax Exemption announcement. The CX-30 2.0 High is now priced at RM159,109, the 2.0 High AWD at RM170,459 and the 1.8D High at RM167,673.60.

Following the Sales Tax Exemption announcement, here’s the latest price list of Mazda vehicles in Malaysia.

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Pan Eu Jin
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