Sales Tax Exemption: Revised Mazda price list announced

Bermaz Motor has released the updated price list for its models, in line with the government’s announcement for the exemption of sales tax (100% on locally-assembled models, 50% on imported units) until the end of the year as part of the short-term economy recovery plan.

The new prices will be in effect starting today (15th June) until 31st December 2020. Price reductions across the Mazda model line-up ranges between 2.56% to 3.91%, with the largest reduction being RM8,090 (2.78%) on the CX-9 seven-seater SUV.

The recently-launched Mazda2 Hatchback and Sedan variants both get a 2.7% (RM2,800) reduction in price. On the Mazda3, the High Plus variants get the highest reduction at 3.36% (RM5,380).

As for the marque’s SUV models, the new CX-30 gets a reduction of up to 3.18% (RM5,600) depending on the chosen variant. The ever-popular CX-5 2.0L High variant gets a sizeable 3.7% (RM5,705.50) price reduction, with the mid-range variant priced at RM148,563.70 until the end of the year.

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