Mazda adds “premium touches” to base model 2.0G CX-30 with additional features

You all should know by now that there is an additional model added to the CX-30 line-up in the form of the AWD 2.0G High model. This means there are now four models of the fully imported CX-30 now on sale in Malaysia but most might not realise that there have been changes to the base model CX-30 as well.

Firstly, the price. The base model 2.0G CX-30 now costs RM145,759 on-the-road without insurance, up from RM143,059 – representing a RM2,700 price increase but it’s not without any returns.

Traditionally, base models have been barren, or rather referred to as “kosong spec” in our local lingo. They exist solely to cater to those who want access to better cars (or even a car for that matter) but do not have the means for a fully equipped model. Fair enough.

But value is everything these days and every bit counts. In doing so, Mazda has added keyless entry and walk away lock feature to the base model – adding a more “atas” feel to the overall ownership experience.

No one would know/cares if the base model comes with fabric upholstery on the inside but it matters to most nowadays (we’d assume) that entry into and exit from a vehicle appears “much cooler”. Otherwise, everything remains identical with model at launch.

To recap, the new AWD CX-30 (2.0G base model and 2.0G High) is powered by the same 2.0-litre engine with 162 hp and 213 Nm, paired to a 6-speed automatic.


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