It’s no secret that Toyota and Subaru are working on the next-generation GT86/BRZ twins, as confirmed by the companies during the announcement of their renewed business alliance in September last year.

Although the new sportscar – rumoured to be called the Toyota GR86 – is supposedly slated to be launched in “Summer 2021” according to a leaked roadmap, we have still yet to see any working prototypes undergoing on-the-road testing, hinting at how the new Hachiroku might look like. Well, until now – possibly.

Provided to YouTube Channel Matt Maran Motoring by Instagram user Kystify, the new video footage shows a prototype vehicle – purportedly the new GR86 – roaming around the busy streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan, where Toyota’s North American Technical Centre is located at.

From what we can see, we’re inclined to believe that this is indeed the new 86, too, as it shares a lot of the general proportions from the current coupe – including the starkly sloping C-pillars and a low-slung front bonnet.

However, the front and rear fascia seems to have received a major rework. The front end looks more modern than before with a cleaner-looking headlights with an integrated LED daytime running light strip, while the rear gets a chunkier rear bumpers and redesigned taillights, along with a pronounced lip spoiler at the top.

Aside from the looks, which we can only vaguely see via a blurry shot of a heavily camouflaged prototype vehicle, what’s underneath the car still remains a mystery. Previous rumours suggested that the new Toyobaru twins will be built on Toyota’s new TNGA platform, while others say that it will sit on a modified version of the chassis from the current 86.

Subaru’s FA24F 2.4-litre turbocharged Boxer engine, capable of producing 260 hp and 375 Nm of torque, is also heavily rumoured to be the prime choice in the new GR86. However, some parties – including Matt Maran here and Japanese automotive news website Best Car – claims that the new sports coupe will remain naturally aspirated.

In any case, we only have to wait for another year or so (hopefully!) before we get to see the new GR86 in full, and we already can’t wait!