Lamborghini’s new track-only hypercar is a proper lap-time slayer

Lamborghini is known to mix unrelenting performance with style, and their new track-only hypercar, developed by the motorsport arm Squadra Corse, does not look to differ from the recipe.

Said to be based on the Aventador, the new Lamborghini track machine uses the same V12 engine, but turned all the way up to 11 – outputting a mind-boggling 830 hp. Just to put it in perspective, the current Nurburgring Nordschleife production car track record holder – the Aventador SVJ produces 770 hp. 

Lamborghini said that the car is designed aerodynamically and mechanically to bring out the best of the 12-cylinder engine. A large rear wing made from carbon fibre should keep the car planted on the track, while the dual air intakes on the hood, as well as the carbon fibre air scoop on the roof help channel air to the V12 engine. 

Based on a carbon fibre monocoque, Lamborghini utilises an aluminium front frame to improve safety, while a steel roll cage at the rear houses the engine, at the same time providing improved torsional rigidity. 

The six-speed sequential Xtrac transmission also serves a structural load-bearing function, with the suspension arms connected directly to the gearbox for improved kinematics. 

Together with the unnamed hypercar, Lamborghini has also previewed the Urus ST-X, a race-ready version of the super SUV. Decked out in a Verde Mantis Green paint job, the Urus ST-X gains several improvements over its road-going brother, including a carbon fibre hood with additional air intakes, carbon fibre spoiler, and racing exhausts. 

On the inside, the cockpit is reinforced with a tubular roll-bar, and equipped with racing seats and a fire extinguishing system. 

Under the hood, the Urus ST-X features the same twin-turbo V8, however with weight savings measures in place, the ST-X should feel more agile than the regular Urus. 


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