Relax, BMW’s future cars won’t be all about the grille

Most of us at are warming up to the huge grille on the all-new BMW 4 Series, but it’s understandable if you’re still repulsed by it. By all quantitative considerations, the new grille is still a huge departure from the usual BMW design, even if we saw it coming nine months ago.

If you fall into the latter category, here’s some good news to ease your worries a little bit – not all future BMWs will look like the 4 Series. Speaking at a media roundtable discussion, BMW’s design chief Domagoj Dukec confirmed that the grille was specifically created for the 4 Series, and there will probably be probably be more “conservatively” styled models in the future.

All-new BMW 4 Series featuring the massive vertical kidney grille

As reported by Autoblog, Dukec explained that the new grille is part of the brand’s broader action plan to give each model unique identities in an effort to differentiate them more from each other. That is why, he adds, that the new 4-er is not just a smaller 8 Series, or a larger 2 Series.

As for why the 4 Series particularly bold? Dukec says that it’s partly due to the fact that even-numbered BMW models have historically (albeit not exactly extensive) carried more expressive and distinct styling compared to their odd-numbered counterparts – see: the original 6 Series (and the GT), as well as the original X6.

Close-up of the grille on the all-new BMW 4 Series

The design chief further clarifies that the new 4 Series was designed as a global product, and not just to satisfy the Chinese buyers – despite their affinity for these larger grilles. Makes sense given that China only represents approximately 10% of the market for the Coupe.

As was explained during the reveal of the Concept 4, Dukec reiterates that the design of the new grille is to a certain extent an homage to the brand’s historical models, particularly the early ones with tall radiators. Though, with such a heavy emphasis on its past, we still can’t quite figure out why the Hoffmeister kink was basically removed on the new 4 Series.


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