Nissan offered a glimpse of their new Z sportscar and it already looks great!

It’s been a boring day news wise but when a colleague dropped this on my lap, it turned my day around with an adrenaline shot!

Because the subject matter is the long-awaited successor of the 370Z. Word is that it would be called the 400Z and it wouldn’t be wrong at all to at least hope that it’s an indication of the new Z’s horsepower figure.

Based on what we know from Nissan so far, it’s very unlikely for the new Z to come with a new engine. Instead, it would make a lot more (business) sense if the new sportscar is revealed with the brand’s existing 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6, which is more than capable of 400hp.

It’s also safe to assume a front engine, rear-wheel drive layout for the new Z because anything less should see an angry mob with torches and pitchforks outside of Nissan’s HQ in Yokohama. With economics playing such a huge part in how cars are developed these days, it would be nice to hold on to some tradition – just look at how stubborn enthusiasts have perceived the new Supra.

But we’re not going to dwell into the uncertainties. What’s for sure though is that the new Z looks set to steal hearts and empty wallets solely because of how it looks; with a sloping roofline and muscular rear wheel arches. Traditionally, the long front hood and short rear end design formula has always been a winning one and based on these visuals, the new Z shouldn’t be any different.

You see it in the Toyota 2000GT we got to meet in Japan, in the Jaguar F-Type, the Ferrari 250 GTO, more recently the new Supra that made more power than advertised and of course, Nissan’s very own 240Z – they’re just timeless designs.

Not only does it bear a Z badge on the C-pillars, an ode to the car that started it all, the new Z’s silhouette alone looks right on the money for it to be a worthy torchbearer of the Z franchise.

Exciting times ahead!


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