We should never resort to vandalism to silence our neighbour’s noisy car

While it’s great for personal amusement, especially when you’re behind the wheel going flat out but often times, what we fail to realise or at least acknowledge, is that our loud exhaust systems can be a bigger nuisance to others than it is an amusement to us.

Generally, as pedestrians, these “ear sores” are ignored, with a “mental middle finger” shown to the driver (at most) as they zoom past. The owner of this Ford Mustang was not so lucky, and (we won’t discount that) he may have done something with such frequency for such lack of courtesy shown to him and his car.

Apparently a certain spray foam was unloaded into the muffler tips – clogging the exits – in an attempt to silence the car and his owner. The culprits even left a note, written with a tone that reflected the ill nature of their work.

Having checked out the Mustang owner’s profile on Facebook, it seems he’s driving the latest generation Mustang unveiled around three years ago. Did he not turn on the Good Neighbour Mode? Or was it inadequate in suppressing the V8 growl? Were the neighbours a little oversensitive? And subsequently overreacted?

In the grand scheme of things, we have other questions too. Does two wrongs make a right? If this ever happened to you, would you take the less righteous approach and resort to vandalism to silence that neighbour? Or would you take the high road and confront the man (or woman) with some respect and courtesy?

We’d encourage the latter approach; always use words first. Peace.

Source: Facebook


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