Here’s what Malaysian rally driver Karamjit Singh had to say about the Proton Iriz

I wouldn’t hold a grudge against those under 20 years old if they don’t know who this man is, but if you’ve lived through the 1990s and 2000s, there is no way you’d missed the man they call the “Flying Sikh” in the Sports section of our local newspapers.

But what would someone, who’s been so used to high performance cars, say about a compact hatchback such as the Proton Iriz? Plenty apparently. In this video produced by Route Hunters, a local automotive content producer, the Flying Sikh takes the facelift 2019 Proton Iriz out for a spin to find out why it’s been so sought-after ever since Geely implemented its influence on Proton.

For starters, Karamjit highlighted the smoothness and efficiency of the Iriz’s CVT transmission, which was given a software update when Proton introduced the facelift model last year. This was especially evident when the Iriz was taken for spin through the notoriously-winding roads of Kuala Kelawang, Negeri Sembilan.

That’s not all, the Flying Sikh even gave his stamp of approval on the Iriz’s ride and handling – something we’ve always highlighted as the strongest selling point of the hatchback. It wouldn’t stress you out; requiring constant engagement but it’s also far from a “taufu” on wheels – take it out for a single lap on a roundabout and you’d know exactly what we’re on about.

In fact, it even saved our former colleague Adrian from a potentially catastrophic accident after the unit he was driving had a sudden puncture on the highway. According to him, the stability of the car and its well-sorted chassis was what helped him steer the car to safety, despite the puncture.

As much as we admire the Perodua Myvi that went head-to-head with the Iriz on an airstrip, that level of confidence is still something the Iriz’s competitor can’t offer, yet. As for the rest, we’ll leave it to you to find out. You’d want to watch till the end as Karamjit even shared Route Hunter’s findings on what the Iriz’s maintenance costs would be like over the first few years of ownership.


Source: RouteHunters Malaysia


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