Video: Proton Iriz’s ride & handling saved my life! – AutoVlog

The facelifted Proton Iriz and Persona boasts over 300 improved parts and we had the opportunity to sample both of them at Proton’s private test track prior to their official launch. Shortly after, we had a short stint in both cars on the public highway and things didn’t go as smoothly as we expected…

Blown tyres are more common than you think and can happen to even brand-new cars and tyres as demonstrated in the video. A well-maintained car can drastically reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring but is still vital that you as a driver, do not that for granted and stay vigilant at all times.

The refinements that Proton has done to the Iriz and Persona is remarkable and sets a good precedent of what consumers can expect from the national carmaker – high quality and value for money products. If you’re still unconvinced, give Proton the benefit of doubt and test drive one yourself.


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