Here’s the list of restricted activities under the conditional MCO

News have finally arrived that we’re now allowed to resume (somewhat) the beautiful life we once lived beginning the 4th of May 2020 but don’t be too quick to celebrate. The National Security Council (NSC) has set some guidelines as to where you can go and the types of businesses that can resume; one they say will be updated from time to time.

First off, interstate travel is still not allowed so for those hoping to make the trip back to their hometowns for the coming Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations, it would be wise to put your plans on hold indefinitely. Exceptions will be made for those who need to travel for work and those stuck in their hometowns or campuses when the Movement Control Order (MCO) first came into effect.

School, colleges and other higher learning institutions will still be closed. Outdoor activities which do not involve physical contact and group gatherings of more than 10 people such as jogging, cycling, badminton and golf are allowed. All religious activities, Friday prayers and gatherings at the Mosque, Surau and other places of worship are still not allowed.

As most would likely return to work, the Government has urged employers to coordinate their employee’s schedules to avoid large crowds. For the same reason, nurseries will be allowed to operate under strict guidelines. There is however still no word on whether we can travel beyond 10 pm.

As for the rest, the NSC has released a set of guidelines of what you still can’t do which we have translated for you, in hopes that you’d adhere to it and continue to keep the curve flat and eventually bend it, all in the name of mankind’s survival.

  1. Entertainment and Recreational
    Karaoke centres
    Theme parks
  2. Celebrations, Processions and Gatherings
    Religious processions
    Congregations at the Mosque or other places of worship
    Procession of security forces
    Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations except with close family members
  3. Conferences and Exhibitions
    Job fairs
    Wedding expo
    Travel fairs
    Sales carnivals
    All conferences involving large gatherings
  4. Education
    Sports during school sessions
    Close contact co-curricular activities
    Any form of assemblies
    Any form of gatherings involving more than 10 individuals
  5. Sports
    Sporting events involving large group of spectators
    All indoor sports activities including gyms
    Contact Sports
  6. Social Activities
    Parties and events
    Weddings and anniversary celebrations
  7. Transport
    Cruise ships
  8. Food stalls, grocery stores, wet markets
    Ramadhan bazaars
    Hari Raya bazaars
  9. Staff quarters and hostels in Manufacturing and other sectors
    Accepting visitors
    Socialising and group sports activities
    Congregational prayers
  10. Assembly and maintenance of machineries
    Working in groups of more than 10 individuals
  11. Clothing and fashion accessory stores
    Trying clothes in fitting rooms
  12. Dobi and Laundrettes
    Folding services
  13. Lectures, seminars, courses, face-to-face training sessions
  14. “Certification ceremonies” in the agriculture sector
  15. Hair salons and beauty parlors
  16. Banking and financial sector
    Sales and marketing activities outside of the official premises or in public spaces
  17. Forestry
    Eco tourism
    Training sessions
  18. Mining and quarries
    New procedures in handling explosives? Please refer with NSC, BM to English translations can be confusing.
  19. Farming and Agriculture
    Client meetings
    Farming supply sales
    Fruit festivals
    Courses and seminars
    Convocations in agriculture institutes
    Large scale poultry sales
  20. Fishery
    Recreational fishing
    Activities at marine parks, exhibitions and aquariums
  21. Creative industry
    Filming activities
    Concerts and events involving large gatherings in public areas
  22. Arts and Culture
    Exhibitions with interactions between artist and visitors
  23. Travel and Lodging
    Barred hotel facilities – Surau, gym, spa, sauna, lounge, meeting rooms, swimming pool, multi purpose halls, training rooms, restaurants and cafes


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