Hyundai produced a rather cool video to showcase the updated 2021 Veloster N

First introduced in 2019, Hyundai has updated the Veloster N with an 8-speed wet dual clutch gearbox that the company says can help the car shift faster – cutting its 0 to 100 km/h time to 5.6 seconds, down 0.5 seconds from the manual model – traditionally the designated gearbox for Hyundai’s N models.

They’ve gone to great lengths to produce this video to highlight a few other updates and frankly, it’s a far cry from their earlier N promotional video which was amusing but borderline disturbing. This one’s definitely more informative, interactive and entertaining.

The first significant feature in the video is the Veloster N’s or “corner rascal”, as Hyundai calls it, N Power Shift system. It’s engaged when the car accelerates with more than 90% throttle input to reduce loss in power and torque during gear shifts.

The animated racer then proceeds to engage the Veloster’s N Grin Shift mode. When selected, the system increases torque by 7% from 353 Nm to 378 Nm for a period of 20 seconds. There’s even a countdown (as seen in the video) of that 20 seconds! Hyundai says it’s performance that is certain to induce “driver grin”.

Once the video transitions from an urban environment to the track, it highlights the car’s N Track Sense Shift feature which operates automatically; knowing the right gear to select with quicker shift times, according to road and driving conditions. Hyundai claims that it has made the DCT-equipped Veloster N almost a second quicker around a track compared to the manual model.

What also caught our attention in the video were the N Light Sports bucket seats. Wrapped in soft Alcantara, the seats are said to be thinner, two kilograms lighter than the standard seats and come with an illuminated N logo.

Finally, there’s the N Power Sense Axle – an enhanced front axle – that’s lighter but stiffer for more responsive steering and the N Corner Carving Differential. It’s an electronic limited-slip differential that Hyundai says increases cornering speeds by 5%, reduces understeer and wheel slip.



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