Did Carlos Ghosn hide in a drum to evade authorities?

While the news of Carlos Ghosn fleeing house arrest in Japan in a made-for-Hollywood plot dominated headlines over Christmas last year, the former Nissan boss has so far been tight-lipped about the finer details of how he evaded so many layers of scrutiny in what has become one of the world’s most audacious escapes by a high profile corporate icon.

Some media outlets had initially speculated on how Ghosn may have eluded detection by hiding in a cello box belonging to a band that had performed at his Roppongi residence. But news reports later told a different story in that Ghosn had travelled on his own on a bullet train to Osaka and met with his handlers at a hotel near Kansai airport.

From Davos to a drum? Ghosn is now a fugitive hoping to clear his name.

What transpired at the hotel till Ghosn got on the plane is speculation, but news animators Bisbo expounded their own theory on how a sedated Ghosn may have given authorities the slip by hiding in drum placed in an oversized musical instrument case. Well, until Ghosn lets us in on what really transpired, Bisbo’s guess is as good as any. Besides, animated comic is a fun way to tell a story.


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