These are the last two Koenigsegg Ageras – named Thor and Väder

After an illustrious eight year (2010-2018) production run with the Agera series, it has now come to an end with Koenigsegg toasting the “series finale” with the Thor and Vader – known as the Final Edition cars.

The Final Edition series is made up of three cars – the Thor, Väder and the Agera Final One of 1 – all based on the Agera RS. At first glance they may look identical but as with all Koenigseggs, the devil is in the details.

Personally, the Thor gets my pick. It’s finished in two-tone clear carbon with diamond-flake in select sections of the paintwork – befitting of the stealthy but deadly repertoire Koenigsegg has built over the last two decades. The body features a large LeMans-style central fin for high-speed stability.

On the other hand, the Väder is finished in traditional clear carbon with diamond flake and features two small rear winglets and highlights finished in white gold leaf.

While the colour scheme isn’t exactly for me, its enlarged rear spoiler supported by strakes with bespoke cutouts, revealing the skeleton supporting the active rear wing is pure engineering pornography.

As with all good things, the Agera’s end is nigh – leaving us with multiple record-breaking memories – with Koenigsegg declaring that a replacement for the Agera will be due at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.



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