Toyota GR’s Aero Stabilising Body Coat promises enhanced aero performance without bigger wings

We’ve all seen those cars on the road with the tacked-on massive rear wings, all in the name of downforce – though we’re unsure how many of these wings actually provide any aerodynamic advantage.

However, Toyota’s Gazoo Racing division is claiming that you don’t actually need the extravagant wings and fins to improve the aerodynamic performance of your car. 

The Toyota GR division has developed the “GR Aero Stabilising Body Coat“, designed to enhance the aerodynamic characteristics of the body of car, just by spraying on a layer of coating.

According to the official website (and some shoddy Google translation), when the body of the car slices through the air, a positive static charge is generated on the surface, which disrupts the positively-charged airflow. 

By applying the spray to the body, the static electricity charge on the surface is suppressed, and “brought closer to the ideal aerodynamic environment”. Toyota claims that the spray can enhance the handling and stability performance, by ensuring that the body panels work as they should.

Seems too good to be true? Well, Toyota Gazoo Racing even made a video to demonstrate its capabilities. But if you’re still skeptical, you can always try it out yourself, with a pretty reasonable price tag of just 3,980 Yen (approximately RM150) per bottle.


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