Both these cars have been out for awhile now and while we’re still eagerly awaiting the AMG A35’s arrival in Malaysia, we got to hop on the new M135i xDrive in South Africa recently and while it’s far from perfect, its ballistic acceleration sure left a lasting impression.

They’re both powered by 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engines and while their horsepower figures are surprisingly identical at 306 hp, the 135i xDrive reigns supreme in the torque department with 450 Nm, a whopping 50 Nm more than the AMG.

In the first video above, it’s clear both are neck and neck from the get-go with the A35 AMG edging forward at the end, at speeds in excess of 160 km/h, and subsequently declared the winner.

That should not be cause for celebrations just yet, as this subsequent video shows just how big a difference 50 Nm makes, in a drag race. With differing starts, both had their turns to take the lead but at the end, both races were won by the 1 series.

What’s even more impressive was that despite being slightly slower than the A35 AMG from a rolling start, the M135i xDrive still managed to claw back to win the drag race at the final stretch.

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Pan Eu Jin
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