Mazda teases the centre console of its new EV, looks like something from a Volvo

Mazda has further teased its much-anticipated foray into electric vehicles once again, this time showing off the materials used (sustainable ones) on its interior trim and seats, and a very clear side view of what would be the new EV’s ‘floating’ centre console.

Seat fabric made from recyclable materials?

The knurled Commander rotary controller and volume knob are easy enough to identify, but the short and stubby gear lever (an EV technically has no transmission, just reduction gears) looks like an electronic drive-by-wire type, which would be a first of sorts for Mazda, while a digital display, most likely a portrait-style, touch-sensitive panel, sits fore of the lever.

If anything, the profile of the console looks a lot like something from a Volvo, and that’s not a bad thing at all. A new dashboard architecture to herald a new type of vehicle, perhaps? We’ll find out soon enough as all shall be revealed come 23rd of October at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.


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