From the moment I joined, a comparison video was all Adrian and I had talked about doing but little did we realise that when the opportunity finally came for us to compare the Honda Jazz and the new Toyota Yaris, that it would be our last as well.

Truth be told, I was quite relieved that Adrian opted for the Toyota Yaris. While it may be a competent product with improved NVH and high speed stability, I’ve always taken a liking for the Jazz for more reasons than one.

It’s nippy, perky and more importantly for me, it’s fun to drive. Adrian may have his counter arguments for the Yaris but I chose to believe he was highly intoxicated at the time of filming and may not necessarily comprehend what he was saying.

Can the new Yaris knock the Jazz off its perch? Or will the long-standing dominance of the Jazz in its segment persist? Here’s some of our views!