Michelin Energy XM2+ tyre review on a Proton Iriz

Michelin dubs the Energy XM2+ as ‘The Stopping Superpower’, and not without good reason. During the tyre’s launch in June this year at the Sepang circuit, Michelin pitted the XM2+ against its main rivals in the Malaysian market, in a variety of dynamic exercises, when new and when worn down, and the results were quite surprising.

Not that the other tyres performed badly, but the XM2+ did better, both on a wet handling course as well as full-bore braking on wet and dry surfaces, over multiple runs. Michelin credits this to the XM2+’s new all-silica compound adapted from its higher range models, while keeping the strengths of the original XM2, i.e. longer mileage and low rolling resistance.

Over the course of our test on a 2017-spec Proton Iriz, the Michelin Energy XM2+ also impressed us with its comfort. Somehow, the XM2+ manages to cushion the sharp edges on our lousy roads and noticeably improved upon the slightly firm ride characteristics of the Iriz. The tyre also felt more composed and required less effort to turn compared to the tyres (a reputable Italian brand) that were fitted on the Iriz previously, and which had only done 8,000 km.

Yes, the XM2+ isn’t the most affordable choice in the touring, entry-level class (prices start from RM 200 per piece), but when you factor in the overall longevity and high level of braking performance even when its worn, it’s clear why the Michelin commands a premium. When it comes to tyres, always pick the best you can afford, after all you can’t really put a value to the safety of occupants.


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