Goodyear has just updated their Assurance line up of tyres with the new DuraPlus 2, a long-life tyre aimed at the everyday commute cars, which must be music to Grab drivers.

The new Assurance DuraPlus 2 comes with TredLife Technology, allowing it to last up to 110,000 km without compromising on safety and performance, claims Goodyear.

Goodyear’s TredLife technology touches on three key sections – tread design, cavity shape and tyre compound. The DuraPlus 2 has a new symmetrical tread pattern with wider track width, for a larger surface contact area which also gives it a higher flexibility on tire rotation for more even tread wear.

Additionally, the cavity of the new DuraPlus 2 is also designed to provide a more balanced footprint to evenly distribute contact pressure.

Through a reformulated tyre compound, the engineers managed to improve the tyre’s tensile strength and wear resistance. The new compound is also used along the sidewalls of the DuraPlus 2, together with a 2-layer high modulus, low shrinkage ply material in the sidewall to offer long-term resistance against side impact and damage from environmental factors. 

Goodyear has also done some work on the tyre noise front, with the use of narrow lateral grooves along the side of the tyres to reduce air pumping, as well as rubber strips between the ply and liner to physically dampen vibrations. 

The Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus 2 is now available at all Goodyear AutoCare centres across Malaysia, with prices starting from RM136 to RM293 in sizes ranging from 13- to 16-inches.


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