Honda e Type R is not happening, says project lead

After months of radio silence since the leaked images of a potential electric hot hatch, Honda has finally put the rumours to rest at the Frankfurt motor show 2019.

Project leader for the Honda e Kohei Hitomi, said, “A performance version, like Type R, as we have on different models, I don’t see this as the way to go with the Honda e.”

He added, “For some segments, it might be the right choice and Type R is a way to express Honda’s capability as a sporty brand but for Honda e, we want to provide a new dimension of values for our customers.”

Honda instead is choosing to focus on features such as artificial intelligence (AI) and connectivity. The Honda e will offer natural voice recognition, digital key, and a mobile application to remotely control the car, among other features which are appealing to the urban crowd, cementing their design choices since the car was still in concept form – the Honda Urban EV Concept.

Although none of these features are brand-new in the car world, Honda believes that they have made an attractive product with the Honda e. Honda’s connectivity boss, Mirai Aki said, “While individually nothing is an industry first, nobody has put it all together in this package like we have.”

Honda Sports EV Concept

We might not be getting the performance focused Honda e Type R, but Honda is still looking at producing an electrified sports car, reaffirmed at Tokyo Motor Show 2017 with the announcement of the Honda Sports EV Concept. All hope’s not lost!


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