The Side Camera Mirror System of the Honda E is just what we need

With visibility sometimes reduced to under 50 metres, driving through the torrential rain in Malaysia can be an absolute nightmare and let’s not even start with the parking that can be almost impossible with blur side mirrors.

Honda e‘s side camera mirror system, similar to the one Lexus introduced in the ES, could just be the solution to that. Not only is it more aerodynamic – with reduced drag due to its design – its wide angle lens offers a much wider view of the road that’s projected onto a screen inside the cabin.

But it won’t be the only appeal inside the rear-wheel driven, all-electric hatchback with torque vectoring as the tastefully minimalist and flat dashboard houses at least three additional digital displays.

Last month, the Honda e was revealed in five different colours with orders now being taken in Germany, UK, France and Norway. Although pricing has yet to be announced, Honda has already received over 20,000 registration of interests for the EV with deliveries due in 2020.



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