McLaren hits 20,000-milestone but aims to maintain exclusivity

Unlike the lukewarm fortunes of its Formula 1 racing team, McLaren Automotive – the manufacturer of sports and bespoke hyper cars – has just produced its 20,000th unit, eight years after production began in July 2011.

The scale of the achievement is even more significant when you consider that the cars are all hand-assembled and made on the spanking clean factory floor of its Woking facility at Surrey, alongside those orange-liveried F1 cars you see racing on some weekends.

You can probably eat your fish & chips on that production floor.

Those who may be ‘worried’ about the exclusivity of McLaren road cars, don’t. McLaren will maintain a production volume of around 5,000 units a year (it was 4,800 units in 2018, or 20 cars a day) into the next decade before increasing to 6,000 units, when required.

The 20,000th unit is a 600LT Spider, nice.

The 20,000th car built was a right-hand drive 600LT Spider in Chicane Grey from the Sports Series range which was introduced last summer. If you’ve been twiddling your thumbs and wondering if you should go for the Coupe variant, well, all the production slots have all been spoken for.


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