With UMW Toyota’s launch of the new Yaris yesterday, netizens have been quick to (positively) react to the car’s comprehensive range of features and offerings.

On the safety front, particularly in the E and G variants, the Yaris is equipped with a Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert system. Also provided in these variants is a front Digital Video Recorder.

What most would not realise is that the dashcam also offers Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning features, which are not tied to the car’s system.

So here’s the thing. Even if you were to use your indicators before changing lanes, the Lane Departure Warning is still active and will beep regardless.

This can be quite annoying, as most of us experienced during last month’s media drive with the Toyota Vios when the car beeped uncontrollably as the Vios shares the same Digital Video Recorder.

When asked, Toyota said the Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision warning features can be switched off manually through the dashcam, without necessarily switching off the dashcam itself.

Now that it’s clear, for those of you who get easily annoyed with continuous beeping, here’s the answer to your question.

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Pan Eu Jin
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