The Kia Picanto GT Line is the cheapest way to enjoy a sunroof

Yeap, you heard that right – the Kia Picanto GT Line comes with a sunroof! Now which fresh graduate or college kid would not want that? Probably none.

For RM57,888, RM8,000 morethan the standard Picanto we reviewed which goes for RM49,888, the sunroof isn’t the only addition to the standard Picanto.

The other significant feature added to the Picanto GT Line, which would probably come in handy for those who are constantly on the phone behind the wheel (mostly youngsters) is the Autonomous Emergency Braking function.

Other attractive goodies that will surely resonate with the younger buying crowd are features such as the automatic air conditioning, cruise control, illuminated vanity mirror and two-tone leather seats which, unlike most cars in this segment, actually looks quite classy and tastefully put together.

If there are any young boys and girls who are attentive to their car’s condition, they’d appreciate the Type Pressure Monitoring System feature.

But by far the biggest attraction to the car, is how it looks on the outside. If the standard Picanto looked harmless and adorable, the GT Line looks like it’s dress in tactical gear.

Bigger 16-inch rims (standard 14-inch), along with more aggressive front and rear bumpers, and dual exit exhaust pipes makes this Picanto GT Line the most “gaya” car under RM60,000.

And it shows too! At the 2019 Malaysia Autoshow where the GT Line is displayed, the younger visitors can’t resist stopping by for a look.

Don’t believe me? Come see it for yourself.



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