Pontianak meets self-driving BMW, guess which is scarier?

Fully autonomous vehicles running on intelligent connected road systems is the future, and it will be significantly safer and more efficient than what we have today. But for anyone who loves to drive and cherishes the sense of freedom when behind the wheel of a car, that scenario can be troubling, to say the least.

While this video by BMW is absolutely hilarious, it is also clever in that it communicates a message of safety in that self-driving cars have the technology to preserve lives, regardless of how lifeless some pedestrians may appear or whether they are having a bad hair day. It won’t discriminate.  

Imagine a day when you’ll never need to worry (or at least worry a whole lot less) about the well-being of love ones when they get on the road, the resulting peace of mind may even add a couple of years to your life. But for pontianaks (female vampires) that roam deserted roads in the woods for a living, the future is terrifying.


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