The name Bugatti in the automotive world resonates with extravagance, innovation with the finest craftsmanship. A Bugatti doesn’t need a loud exterior because it needs no introduction.

Whether it’s a Chiron or a Veyron, if you’ve observed overtime, they take minimalist forms – with a smooth flow of seamless bulges. So when Bugatti announced that they were showcasing a line up of furniture in Milan, Italy, you’d be wrong to expect a table lamp made out of used dampers, with their name engraved on it.

Take this limited edition “Cobra Chair” for example; limited to only 110 pieces, its minimalist yet contemporary design is a modern interpretation of Carlo Bugatti’s original design. Carlo was the father of Bugatti founder, Ettore.

The “110 Ans Bugatti” logo embroidered on the back rest is a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the hypercar’s existence.

Among the materials used for the various furniture included rare Sodalite gemstone that represents the Bugatti blue, Striato Olimpico marble and of course, the finest skin from an animal.