Next-gen Jaguar F-Type to go fully electric?

The Jaguar F-Type first broke cover at the 2012 Paris Motor Show which served as the British marque’s halo model. Available as a soft-top convertible or a coupe, the F-Type can be had in a variety of engine choices ranging from a 300 hp 2.0-litre Ingenium turbo petrol to a 575 hp 5.0-litre supercharged V8.

However, Jaguar Design Director, Ian Callum hinted that the next-generation F-Type replacement could go fully electric as reported by AutoCar UK. The development cycle for its successor is expected to begin soon and Jaguar is mulling the idea of whether to have it as a final hurrah for the old-school sports cars or switch to their first all-electric sports car.

Commenting on the challenges of a battery powered sports car Callum said: “Then there’s range, but that is becoming less of an issue, and there are advances coming that should help move that on again in the next few years. So the main challenge remaining is the inherent raising up of a car required by the packaging of the batteries. But I see that as an interesting challenge, not an insurmountable one.”

“The performance capabilities of an electric car are not an issue. The kick from an electric car is quite beguiling, and if you adapt your mindset to enjoying that – driving slower into corners but getting the thump when you hit the throttle earlier – it’s every bit as enjoyable as a V8-engined car in many respects,” added Callum.


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