is hiring, are you going to be one of us?

It’s 4th of April, so this is not a hoax. We are looking for a suitable candidate to take on what is arguably the best job in the world* – the position of a full-time motoring journalist (junior writer). To determine whether you have what it takes, please put yourself through the 10-point checklist below:

Sun screen is optional, but fortitude to learn is a prerequisite.
  1. I’ve always wanted to get into automotive journalism
  2. I have a nose for news and will always tell the truth
  3. I can string sentences in English without messing up the grammar
  4. I love to drive more than I love to eat
  5. I’m a fast learner and won’t stop learning
  6. I’m able to work odd hours and not bitch about it on FB
  7. I don’t mind working under the sun and getting a tan occasionally
  8. I have a valid driving license and I behave sensibly on the road
  9. The near extinction of cars with three pedals keeps me awake at night
  10. When I grow up, I want to be just like GC Mah
Inspiration can come to you in odd places, with or without footwear.

Okay, maybe question #10 is asking too much, but at least pretend that to be the case when you’ve been shortlisted for an interview. If you had answered ‘yes’ to the majority of the of the questions above, please e-mail your updated curriculum vitae (CV) to [email protected] and share your thoughts about the car you currently drive in no more than 400 words.

Easy? We can’t wait to hear from you.       

* Characterisation may differ from actual occupation and subject to change



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