After the reveal of the McLaren 600LT Spider in January, McLaren is gearing up for yet another product launch in May. This time, an all-new model that will enter the British supercar maker into the luxury Grand Tourer segment.

Before you bring out your pitchforks saying that the legendary F1 and Speedtail are McLaren’s GT offerings, remember those are hyper GTs – emphasis on the hyper. The yet to be named model will be a rival to the likes of Ferrari 812 Superfast and Bentley Continental GT.

McLaren did reveal that the luxury GT will feature a mid-engine layout powered by the M840T 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8. The new car combines competition levels of performance with the highest of refinement for long distance journeys and agility that the company claims, “never experienced before in the luxury GT segment”.

Judging from the camouflaged test mule, it appears that the new car will feature a sleek silhouette similar to the 720S with unique headlamp design and a bulkier rear profile. McLaren also said that the cabin of the new luxury GT will feel spacious, uncluttered and modern with only authentic, high quality materials employed.

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