We are glad to announce that more room has opened up within the AutoBuzz family and we’re looking for a Junior Writer to go ‘touge’ with on the weekends! As exciting as this may sound, we do have some basic requirements we’re looking for:

  1. Below the age of 26 (ideally) with a hunger to stand out in the auto industry.
  2. Can write and speak in English without a fake accent.
  3. Must know how cars work. Knowing how to start the engine is not enough.
  4. Know how to drive a manual…properly.
  5. Always curious and has the ability to curate relevant content for Malaysian readers. I.e. car buying and maintenance guides etc.
  6. A natural leader (and team player) who is proactive and takes initiatives. No one at AutoBuzz is a sheep, we’re all herders.
  7. Must laugh at GC Mah and Dominic’s lame jokes.
Professional posing lessons from GC Mah included.

We don’t need Harvard scholars neither can we afford one. Instead, what we’re looking for – either male or female – is someone who can relate to the average Malaysian reader and know what they’re interested to read. We’re looking for someone who can procure and answer the questions our readers didn’t even think they need to know.

At the AutoBuzz HQ, the environment can be very relaxed with plenty of snacks, couches to lounge on, and a driving simulator where things can get quite competitive sometimes on Gran Turismo. Some days, it can also get very intense but our founders, GC Mah and Dominic, will always have lame jokes to brighten the mood.

Red or Blue? GC Mah or Eu Jin? Choose wisely…

Think you have what it takes? Submit your CV to us [email protected] and tell us why you’re the right person for AutoBuzz in no more than 200 words.

If you were one of those who got angry at Toyota over the new BMW-based Supra and ranted on Facebook about it instead of finding out why and understanding the reason behind it, sorry; you’re not the one for us.