Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) claims that its future models could stop the spread of flu thanks to innovative ultraviolet light technology (UV-C) adopted from the medical industry where it has been used for 70 years.

By integrating UV-C into the air conditioning system, JLR believes it could prevent bacteria and viruses, known as pathogens, from surviving in the vehicle’s cabin.

Exposing pathogens to UV-C breaks down its molecular structure and thus neutralising them. UV-C is currently used widely for disinfecting and filtering water alongside sterilising surfaces with wave lengths of light.

“The rise of superbugs and allergens is one of the largest threats we face as a species today. Investment in immunology is vital in ensuring that our immune systems stay ahead of the race against microorganisms, which are evolving far quicker than traditional pharmaceuticals can keep pace with,” said Medical Ensyme Research Association, Immunology Expert, Dr. Hellmut Munch.

JLR also recently introduced a method they devised which could cure motion sickness by generating a wellness score of each passenger where the data collected can be used to personalise a vehicle’s driving data and cabin.

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