It’s an irony that the country with arguably the most restrictive speed limits is also the first country in Southeast Asia to receive one of the fastest cars in the world. Yes, a private collector in Singapore recently took delivery of the Bugatti Chiron, a hypercar with a top speed of over 400km/h.

One of the fastest cars in the world but you can only drive up to 90km/h in Singapore, legally.

That said, the chances of seeing this 1200hp and 1500Nm Chiron go beyond the republic’s speed limit of 90km/h is practically zero as the hypercar will be stored in a climate-controlled showcase facility at Wearnes Automotive. Sigh!

The chances of spotting this Chiron out in the wild will be slim, sigh…

“We recognise a growing appetite for hypercars in Asia. Our customers form an exclusive group of automobile collectors in search of the very best,” says Victor Kwan, Managing Director of the Prestige Division of Wearnes Automotive. “Apart from enjoying the exclusivity and power of the Bugatti, customers also consider its investment value. The Bugatti Chiron is one of the few cars that actually appreciates in value.”

Singaporean collector opted for Terre d’Or leather.

Finished in dual-tone paintwork of Atlantic Blue and French Racing Blue, this resplendent Chiron is also the first of 20 to be delivered to customers in Asia. With only 500 units to be manufactured by Bugatti, of which 75% have already been spoken for, you might want to give official distributor Wearnes Automotive a call before they run out of allocation. For the rest of us mere mortals, you have Lego.

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