It is still uncertain if this is Mitsubishi’s answer to Ford’s Ranger Raptor but judging from the sole image released, Mitsubishi’s “surprise” for the 40th Bangkok International Motor Show will be an exciting one.

Mitsubishi said the company’s designers were tasked with creating a vehicle that represents what the Triton is all about – and they did not disappoint – engineering a vehicle that’s “Absolutely” Beyond Tough.

Check out our first impressions video of the new Mitsubishi Triton here!

Despite adopting the engine and updated transmission from the previous model Triton, the new pick-up has been improved in more ways than one – not only making it tougher on the ragged edge but crucially, more livable for urban use and comfortable for long drives.

Locally, prices for the Triton starts from RM100,200 to RM135,200 for the fully-loaded Triton Adventure X.

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