The new Volkswagen T-Roc R is essentially a Golf R on stilts!

Remember the bonkers Volkswagen Golf R we reviewed recently – the one that could hang with the likes of Ferrari’s 812 Superfast and Aston Martin’s new V8 Vantage for last year’s Car of the Year video?

The new T-Roc R could just trump that, while offering generous head room and boot space.

In fact, the T-Roc R should do so effortless cause it has 10 hp more than our local Golf R at 300 hp and 20 Nm more torque at 400 Nm.

Size and weight does not seem to hinder the T-Roc R either. With the same 7-speed DSG and 4Motion all-wheel drive system, the T-Roc R is marginally quicker from 0-100 km/h, which is done in just 4.9 seconds.

Our local Golf R on the other hand does the same in around 5.1 seconds. In terms of top speed, both are anti-climatically limited to just 250 km/h.

The 19-inch Pretoria wheels you seen in the pictures are actually an optional extra, along with the R-performance titanium exhaust system from Akrapovic – Bummer. Instead, the T-Roc R gets 18-inch Spielberg wheels as standard.



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